Pure Fröhlichkeit beim bunten Kinderprogramm


Pure Enjoyment with New Friends 

Also children will enjoy the stay at FKK-Camping Müllerhof. For the dear little ones we offer plenty of fun, games and excitement. The offer ranges from amusing music shows to join in to magicians and clowns, as well as face painting. People who are interested in creative activities, such as painting and drawing may participate in a creative workshop. In addition, we offer fun games for everyone to join in regularly. There will be plenty of options to choose from.


Natural Experience with Animals

Once a week Jutta visits us and brings along many four-legged surprise guests. Ahead of time it is difficult to predict who exactly will visit. Sweet little piglets, dwarf rabbits, dwarf goats, lambs, sheep and guinea pigs were the ones that came along in the past. They all live on Jutta’s farm for small animals in Afritz. They are all happy and healthy animals that love our children and can be pampered and petted.


Pure Exuberance – Indoors as well as Outdoors 

Of course the children on our camping site love to run around and play on the bathing beach, where they can romp around in the water. However, also on the playground they can find many possibilities for climbing, clambering about and playing. They can also play table tennis or use the beach volleyball court. In case it is raining, the children have the opportunity to play in our colourful playroom.